SmellDiskettes Olfaction Test

Instruction manual

The «Olfaction Test» is a screening test designed to show whether the sense of smell is functioning properly or not.

The test consists of 8 reusable smell diskettes and a questionnaire, and can be administered by the patients themselves.

Conduct of test

Patients should not eat, drink, or smoke at all during the 15 minutes preceding the test, as this could affect the results.

Patients can administer the test on themselves.

Open smell diskette no. 1, sniff deeply through both nostrils, and close the diskette. (If the test is to be conducted on one nostril at a time, the other nostril can be held shut with one finger.)

Select one answer from the three identified as no. 1 in the questionnaire. If the patient cannot smell anything, he/she should mark the most likely answer with a cross.

Follow the same procedure for all 8 smell diskettes.

Special Instructions

This screening test can be used with great reliability to distinguish patients with a normal olfactory function from patients with hyposmia or anosmia. More detailed tests have to be carried out, however, if it is necessary to assess the degree of hyposmia.

Hygiene: in normal use the smell diskettes don't come into contact with the nose. Should they nevertheless become contaminated by any secretion from the nose, they must be replaced.

Service life: in normal use the diskettes can be used for six months counting from the date of first use. If they are not firmly closed after use, their service life will be shortened.

Diskettes close firmly.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Attention: Avoid eye and skin contact; irritations could be induced.

Evaluation of results

Correct answers:

1 Coffee – 2 Vanilla – 3 Peach – 4 Grass

5 Pineapple – 6 Rose – 7 Chocolate – 8 Fish

Give 1 mark for each correct answer, 0 marks for a wrong answer

The test result is the total of all the marks, between 0 and 8

Assessment of test results

7 to 8 marks: normal olfactory function
0 to 6 marks: hyposmia, anosmia, or lack of cooperation


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SmellDiskettes Olfaction Test
Screeningtest bei Geruchsstörungen